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How Many Calories Are You Drinking?

When you track calories intake you probably focus primarily on food ie. solids. Sure, a lot of studies emphasise the importance of drinking water, so you might also record your water intake. But what about alcohol? Are you aware of how many calories are in that glass of wine? How about that beer? Women’s Health […]

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Better Coffee While On The Road

If you’re a lover of coffee you probably start your day with a coffee. However not all coffees are equal and when you’re travelling you’re pretty much at the mercy of your hotel’s facilities and those of its surroundings. While some hotels, notably the Radisson chain, provide proper coffee machines in their rooms, many, such […]

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Tracking Coffee Consumption With Up Coffee

I love coffee. However I’m also conscious that I probably drink a bit too much. But how much coffee and caffeine am I consuming every day? What kind of impact does it have on me? While the new app from Jawbone “UP Coffee” might not be able to able to answer these questions with 100% […]

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First Attempts at Homemade Soup

I’ve been meaning to make my own soups for some time, as I really don’t want to be buying things I can make myself. While a lot of the “healthy” soups out there are pretty good, they’re still going to have more salt in them than I really need. So yesterday I finally got round […]

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Forks Over Knives poster

Forks Over Knives

I am not a big fan of documentaries, but I do watch some. Last night I finally got round to watching “Forks Over Knives”. As I’d already watched “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” Netflix had been suggesting “Forks Over Knives” to me as a relevant title. They were right. “Forks Over Knives” is well worth […]

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memory foam pillow

More Bedding Tweaks

A few months ago I replaced my bed and mattress. The new one is fantastic and I sleep much better on it – the fact that I can use “on” instead of “in” is important. The old bed was in a bad state, so I’d been more “in” it than “on” it for quite some […]

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