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Weight Loss Realisations of the Morbidly Obese

Guest post by Jason. I have never liked the phrase “Morbidly Obese”. It sounded so dramatic a diagnosis from a white coated stranger with a body mass index calculator. Obesity comes with a large disclaimer of a future of complications with high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes to name a few. Lifetime of Realisations I’m a […]

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Graphic: importance of water in diet

Graphic: Importance Of Water

Pretty much every article or book you read about healthy living and dieting will make some reference to water. Seemingly we don’t drink enough of it .. And if you don’t drink enough water all sorts of things can go wrong. This graphic highlights some of the reasons why water is so important: Via

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Barbie Vs Reality

While a lot of us have very valid reasons to lose weight, others might feel that they should lose weight when it’s really not necessary. Stereotypes don’t help .. And one of the ultimate female stereotypes is, of course, Barbie. So what if you actually took the Barbie doll and applied those proportions to create […]

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grilling vegetabes on george foreman

Grilling Vegetables

I’ve been avoiding eating potatoes when cooking at home for the last while. So instead of doing potatoes of some kind with a steak I’ve either prepared some kind of salad or been grilling vegetables. Grilling vegetables is pretty simple. You just slice up the vegetables and put them straight onto the grill – in […]

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