This site was started a few years ago by me when I first made a rather feeble effort to lose weight and improve my lifestyle.

I gave it a reboot in January 2012 when I decided to make a more concerted and serious effort to:

  • lose weight
  • improve my lifestyle
  • get more exercise

What are you likely to find here?

A mixture of my meandering thoughts and experiences as I struggle to get in shape, lose a load of weight and improve myself.

I write about products, services, food, travel and a variety of other topics that have something to do with improving lifestyle and health. So it could be about a new brand of coffee that I really like or it could be a review of a fitness app.

What are you unlikely to find here?

Motivational drivel.

Product / Service Reviews:

I review products and services that I come across when I can. If you think your product or service is relevant to the site’s content please let me know (pr@fat.ie) but please note there’s no guarantee that I’ll review it or that I will give it a positive review.