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Getting Back in the Saddle (Literally!)

As I mentioned, I’ve been either walking or cycling in and out of the office for the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately (though this depends on your perspective) I live a little too close to the office for the commute to be a decent workout. So the only way for me to get a proper […]

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Weather and Exercise

How good, or bad, the weather is has a direct impact on how much outdoors physical exercise I want to do. If it’s cold, damp and grey I’m highly unlikely to want to get off my ass and walk or cycle. But if the weather is pleasant then it’s a hell of a lot easier. […]

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lock on the Barrow near Carlow town

Exploring Carlow Environs By Bike

For the last couple of months I’ve been cycling in and out of work and around the town. The distances I’m covering every week aren’t exactly amazing in terms of burning calories etc., So this weekend I decided I’d do a bit more. The Barrow river flows through Carlow town and the old tow path […]

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Exercise machines (284617740)

Which Exercise Plans Actually Work?

I’m very conscious of my own limitations and I know that if I’d tried to change my diet AND start doing a lot of exercise at the same time it would have been a disaster. So, I’m now eight days into my diet. I’m eating better and more systematically ie. I’m actually having breakfast every […]

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