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More Adventures in Flavoured Coffee

I’ve been trying out different flavoured coffees over the last few months. Why? Because they’re tasty. Is it sacrilege? I don’t think so. Yesterday I picked up 3 different flavours of coffee from a local shop: vanilla Macadamian nut Bavarian chocolate – I’ve no idea why Bavaria would be associated with chocolate, but I thought […]

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A Cold Press Juicer Could Save Me Money

I’ve been using a centrifugal juicer on and off for the last 18 months. It’s a Philips HR1861 and cost around  €100 when I got it. I’m now upgrading to a cold press juicer, even though they’re considerably more expensive. For someone who was new to the entire concept of “juicing” that kind of investment […]

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Freshly Ground Coffee

I am fixated by coffee. If I don’t get my “fix” I’m not happy and not too functional. This is an addiction, though it’s one I am currently working on ie. reducing my overall daily caffeine intake. For now I have no intention of giving up coffee. I do, however, like to try different types […]

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Simple steak salad

Steak Salad

I’ve been back in Ireland for a couple of days and I’m trying my best to “behave”. That means eating a relatively healthy breakfast (Alpen muesli without added sugar washed down with coffee) and having lunch in the canteen at work. In the evening I’m back to cooking, so I’ve been eating plenty of fresh […]

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Carrigaline Farmhouse cheese - smoked in waxed round

Quality Irish Cheese

I grew up on cheddar. If you’re Irish and over 30(ish) you probably know what I mean. It’s not as if other cheeses were readily available in Irish shops back in the 1970s when I was growing up. So you had cheddar or you had some other bland cheeses that weren’t exactly “exciting”. More exotic cheeses […]

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follain make a range of 100% fruit no added sugar jams and preserves

Sugar Free Might Not Be Good For You

If you’re watching your weight then you probably pay quite a bit of attention to what you eat. When you’re shopping you might tend towards the “light” or “fat free” or “sugar free” products that adorn so many supermarkets’ shelves. Unfortunately some of the labelling is more than a little misleading. An example I came […]

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