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Kale Pasta & Sardines

Kale is a wonderfully tasty addition to your cooking arsenal. Unfortunately it can be quite awkward to get, so I haven’t been able to use it in my cooking for the last couple of months. Fortunately I’ve been able to get a supply in the last week both from local corner shop and from Tesco. […]

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Spreading The Word .. Sort of

I’ve been posting here on a semi-regular basis for over a year. Prior to that the activity was incredibly sporadic.. I like posting photos with the articles, as it helps add a bit of “colour” to what I’m writing about. As of today any of the recipes that I post that have photos will also […]

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Kale with vegetables and chicken

Cooking Experiments With Kale

James cooked a very tasty variation on this recipe the other evening. (He added some boiled sausage .. ) So I ended up with quite a bit of kale.. Kale is incredibly healthy and packed full of nutrients. Some people call it a “super food”, but it wasn’t something that I was that familiar with […]

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