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Humour: Alternative Exercise Equipment?

So if you can’t afford expensive gym equipment you could resort to using large magazines. Apparently this September’s US edition of Vogue is over 900 pages long, so this video brought a smile to my face: Maybe the next copy of the Golden Pages that I get lumbered with could be put to good use? […]

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The Fitbit One shown compared to a coin

Setting Up The Fitbit One

The replacement for my Fitbit arrived this morning, so I spent a few minutes setting it up. I had been using a Fitbit Ultra, but they’re not longer being made (even though you can still get them via Amazon and a few other online retailers). I opted for the Fitbit One, as it has a […]

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Livestrong LS9.9E Elliptical trainer

Finding My Workout Rhythm

Trying to do too much exercise at once will simply not work. I need to build up slowly and steadily. Yesterday I tried to use a “standard” workout program on the elliptical trainer and it was a bit of disaster. I was looking at the display counting down and simply had to give up before […]

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