Finding My Workout Rhythm

Livestrong LS9.9E Elliptical trainerTrying to do too much exercise at once will simply not work. I need to build up slowly and steadily.

Yesterday I tried to use a “standard” workout program on the elliptical trainer and it was a bit of disaster. I was looking at the display counting down and simply had to give up before it hit zero. That’s not good. It doesn’t help with anything. If I can’t complete a workout program on the trainer then I’m not going to be motivated enough to stick with it.

So after thinking about it a bit I came up with a compromise. Instead of using the standard program length I’d set myself a much shorter time limit and try to stick to it.

Today I set myself a more reasonable time limit and I was able to complete it.

After 15 minutes on the elliptical trainer I had worked up a bit of a sweat and my muscles are aching. But I was able to complete the session.

My next “problem” is to find the right kind of music to listen to when I’m working out. I was going to try the zombie run thing on the iPhone, but since the iPhone isn’t actually moving I don’t think it’s exactly suitable. Or maybe I’m missing something.

Today I was listening to U2 on Spotify, but I’m not sure if they’re the best choice for a workout :)


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