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Tesco Diets Read My Blog!

As anyone who reads this blog knows I’ve been trying to follow the Tesco Diet plans since January. Back in April I noticed that they’d made some drastic changes to their site. While many of the changes added new features and functionality I was a bit peeved by what they’d done with the shopping list […]

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Healthy Breakfast In Scottsdale

I’ve mentioned more than once how travel really makes dieting awkward. Yesterday is best written off, as I spent the day on planes and eating whatever they gave me. Today, however, I started the day off with a very tasty breakfast in the Royal Palms in Scottsdale: Grapefruit juice, coffee and Baked oatmeal with berries […]

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very lazy garlic - chopped garlic in a jar

Checking How Bad Food Is

There’s a lot of pretty good guides available online to help you check how good (or bad) various types of food are. Unfortunately a lot of them are quite boringly presented ie. lots of tables of data and not much in the way of visuals. This site, however, is pretty simple to use and incredibly […]

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A Simple Healthy Eating Meme

I’ve no idea where this graphic came from originally, but it sums up eating habits very clearly under the meme: Eat Less Crap – Eat more Food CRAP – carbonated drinks, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners & colours, processed food FOOD – fruits & vegetables, organic lean proteins (and probably anything organic),  omega 3 fatty acids, […]

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