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Body Mass Index

Weight by itself is completely meaningless. You have to put it into the context of a person’s height and build. Body Mass Index (BMI) is probably the most common way of calculating this using a mathematical formula. It’s not a new formula, as a bit of research revealed. It’s been around since the 19th century […]

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Setting Up My Withings

I wasn’t sure if the Withings was going to be worth the outlay, but after talking to several people, both on the comments here and on Facebook and other media, I decided I’d get one. Why? Because I’ve been recommended to weigh myself every day and if I’m tracking weight loss (and getting nice graphs) […]

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Tracking Your Weight

As I mentioned before, it’s not weight alone that matters, however you do need to keep track of your progress. So what do you need? The answer is pretty obvious: a bathroom weighing scales Until I went looking for one a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t realised that there were so many different types […]

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What is Your Ideal Weight?

Everyone is different. It’s one of humanity’s strengths – we’re diverse in more ways than one! Bearing that in mind when it comes to the ideal weight then it’s obviously not as simple as some might think. If you are a broad shouldered giant you will be able to carry a lot more weight than […]

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