Offloading The Problem By Ordering Diet Food

I like cooking. I don’t like cooking for myself as much as cooking for others, but since I’ve been on this diet I’ve “retrained” myself to cook at least once a day and prepare proper meals for myself 3 times a day.

But I have to admit I’m very tempted by the idea of “outsourcing” the entire thing to someone else!

There’s a few companies offering a “personal chef” service for people who want to eat properly and lose weight, but don’t have the time, energy of inclination to cook for themselves.

While most of them are in the UK and US I came across one that is available in Ireland (there might be more) – Diet Chef.

Looking at the costs it actually works out to be quite economical. Sign up for 3 months and you pay about €50 / week, which is less than what I’d spend on groceries in a normal week.

The range of food they offer is pretty good, though I don’t think it would suit me, as you obviously can’t swap things around – you’re stuck with whatever you’ve ordered.

Now if I could only find a solution for eating whilst on the road I’d be happy!




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