Quick And Easy Porridge From Alpen

Alpen fruit & nut porridge

Alpen fruit & nut porridge

Alpen, which is owned by Weetabix (I only found this out just recently), is best known as a line of muesli. When I was growing up Alpen was considered a luxury product. I’m not sure if it still is, but it’s definitely as cheap to buy now, as many of the alternatives.

So what about porridge?

Alpen recently launched a range of quick and easy (and tasty) porridge.

Their advertising for the new porridge range sums it up:

Bottom line – it’s got tasty ingredients, but it’s idiot-proof to prepare.

Preparation is pretty simple.

Grab a sachet. Open it and chuck the contents into a microwave friendly bowl.

(Word of warning, however, opening the sachets isn’t as simple as ripping them open. I tried that. I couldn’t open them. I ended up resorting to using a scissors.)

Fill the sachet with milk up to the line and then pour that over the porridge in the bowl. Mix it and then microwave it for 2 minutes.

2 minutes later you’ll have a very tasty breakfast!

Nutrition-wise the porridge is pretty good at only 155 calories


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