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omelette for breakfast

Starting the Day With Omelette

Starting the day “right” is key. I find that if I’ve had a “proper” breakfast of some kind that things just work better over all. But ordinarily I wouldn’t go to the trouble of making myself an omelette first thing in the morning. I tend to leave omelettes for when I’m staying in hotels and […]

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My First Attempt At Homemade Pasta

As I mentioned the other day, I now have a pasta machine, so I really wanted to get started making my own pasta. The one “blocker” I’d run up against, apart from my complete lack of experience, was sourcing the right kind of flour. Fortunately my local SuperQuinn stocks it, so I picked up some […]

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Simple steak salad

Steak Salad

I’ve been back in Ireland for a couple of days and I’m trying my best to “behave”. That means eating a relatively healthy breakfast (Alpen muesli without added sugar washed down with coffee) and having lunch in the canteen at work. In the evening I’m back to cooking, so I’ve been eating plenty of fresh […]

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Summer Salad Time

While Ireland isn’t exactly renowned for its good weather, we have had reasonably good weather for the last few weeks with even a few days that could be considered “hot”. You can eat salads all year round, but it’s definitely “easier” to do so during the summer months. Apart from anything else shops seems to […]

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Vegetables & anchovies

Cooking With Random Vegetables & Anchovies

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been cooking quite random dishes of my own concoction. Partially because I like experimenting and partially because I keep ending up without the right combination of ingredients for “normal” recipes. This evening, for example, I had some leftover tomatoes that were “on their last legs” ie. if I […]

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Fresh Tuna Steak

Fresh tuna steak is superb. Unfortunately it’s not the most common of fish stocked in Irish supermarkets. While most of them claim to stock it, more often than not it’s not available when you go looking for it. Over the weekend I picked up a couple of nice slices of tuna steak that had been […]

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Kale Pasta & Sardines

Kale is a wonderfully tasty addition to your cooking arsenal. Unfortunately it can be quite awkward to get, so I haven’t been able to use it in my cooking for the last couple of months. Fortunately I’ve been able to get a supply in the last week both from local corner shop and from Tesco. […]

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