Spiralizing Vegetables To Replace Pasta

I love pasta, but it’s heavy in calories and carbohydrates. Pretty much every single diet out there suggests cutting calorie and carb intake. So how on earth can a pasta aficionado be happy with what they eat, while also cutting down on calories etc? I’ve always maintained that it would be impossible for me to stick to any kind of diet that deprived me of tasty food. Sure, I might lose weight a lot faster if I was to go on some crazy extreme diet, but I’d be miserable.

The spiralizer might be a solution.

I’m not sure when spiralizers became popular, but they are one of the “must have” kitchen gadgets at the moment.

At the moment I have a simple handheld spiralizer:


It’s got two blades which let you make spirals of vegetables quite quickly and easily. You can, of course, choose whether you want quite fine spirals or thicker ones. You can use it for salads, like I did last night:


Adding a bit of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and herbs and you have a very tasty salad.

But another popular way of using the spiralizer is to replace pasta or noodles. Want spaghetti without the calories? Try “courgetti”, which you can make in your spiralizer using courgettes.

Once you’ve cut the courgette into the spirals you can fry them up a bit with a bit of olive oil:


Frying them for about 4 minutes they become quite crisp and are of a similar consistency to al dente pasta.

Serve with your favourite pasta sauce and enjoy!

Spiralizing Vegetables To Replace Pasta
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Spiralizing Vegetables To Replace Pasta
Unlock the joys of spiralizing vegetables for salads and as a replacement for pasta and noodles.

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