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Woody Harrelson on weight loss and more

Woody Harrelson On Weight Loss (and other things)

Woody Harrelson explains how to lose weight and succeed in this rather tongue in cheek snippet from “Friends With Benefits” Hey, everybody wants a short cut in life. My guide book is very simple: You wanna lose weight? Stop eating, fatty! You wanna make money? Work your ass off, lazy! You wanna be happy? Find […]

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Graphic: importance of water in diet

Graphic: Importance Of Water

Pretty much every article or book you read about healthy living and dieting will make some reference to water. Seemingly we don’t drink enough of it .. And if you don’t drink enough water all sorts of things can go wrong. This graphic highlights some of the reasons why water is so important: Via

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Barbie Vs Reality

While a lot of us have very valid reasons to lose weight, others might feel that they should lose weight when it’s really not necessary. Stereotypes don’t help .. And one of the ultimate female stereotypes is, of course, Barbie. So what if you actually took the Barbie doll and applied those proportions to create […]

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Cuban black bean soup

Eating (Almost) Like A Vegetarian

I am not a vegetarian. I was a vegetarian briefly back in 1991 when I was sharing a house with a few vegetarians and my girlfriend at the time was vegetarian. I like meat. I love eating pretty much every type of meat imaginable, so the idea of me becoming vegetarian or vegan just wouldn’t […]

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