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Poached Egg On Toast

As an alternative to scrambled eggs this morning I had poached eggs on toast for breakfast. I love the taste of the egg combined with the toast and it’s simplicity itself to prepare. Removing the eggs from the saucepan is pretty easy as long as you have the right kind of spoon 🙂 Poached Egg […]

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Cadbury Easter egg packaging changes

Recycling More

I’ve always tried to do a bit of recycling, but in recent months I’ve started taking it a lot more seriously. Eating more fresh fruit and vegetables means there’s less packaging coming into the house, which isn’t a bad thing. It’s also become marginally easier to buy products that have less packaging. For example, while […]

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Irish chutney

Irish Chutney

Shopping for food can be incredibly boring, especially if you’re always buying the same things over and over again. I love trying out new things, which is why I was delighted with the “fish in a bag” idea (it tasted wonderful in case you’re wondering). So this weekend I also picked up a couple of […]

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ready to cook fish in a bag from SuperValu

Idiot Proof Fresh Fish

I love eating fresh fish, but I really don’t like the smell of fish that seems to get just about everywhere. I also find it quite awkward to buy fresh fish except at the weekend. This weekend I came across a pretty slick solution to my conundrum. It’s an oven (or microwave) ready bag of […]

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chicken with olives and tomato

Chicken With Tomato And Olives

Chicken is not only tasty, it’s also one of those things that you often find on special offer in a lot of supermarkets. When I was a student in Limerick I used to pick buy it regularly and cook it in a number of different sauces. This recipe is inspired by one of those supplied […]

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Marketing Food With Humour

I’m not allowed to eat certain things these days. Well I could eat them, but the number of calories per serving would put me over my daily limit pretty quickly! Dominos pizzas in the Netherlands have come up with a pretty cool way to both market themselves and keep their delivery riders safe. And for […]

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