Eating Reasonably Well While Travelling

Grilled Tuna SteakI cannot avoid travelling quite a bit for work. And I need to get past my worries and concerns about what I can and cannot eat while “on the road”.

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been “out and about”. During that time I’ve been relatively careful about what I eat, but not obsessive.

The worst days are those, like last Friday, when you don’t get a proper meal all day (apart from breakfast) and end up snacking when you can.

Good days are when you get 3 good meals during the day and manage to avoid junk.

So apart from the “travel days” I’ve managed to strike a certain rhythm with respect to what I eat.

Breakfast is key. I simply have to have some kind of breakfast or I’ll be really hungry by late morning. When you’re staying in hotels there’s usually plenty of options available. The Hilton chain gives me access to their executive lounges which don’t have exactly “amazing” breakfast choices, but they usually have coffee, juice, cereal and some kind of bread.

Lunch will depend on where I am and how much time I have available. While I would normally settle for a very light lunch of soup and bread when I’m in the office, when I’m travelling that usually isn’t an option and grabbing something relatively good, but not gigantic seems to work.

Dinner of course will vary, but I did quite well over the last few weeks.

I learnt quite a bit from my trip to the US earlier in the year and since I was travelling in Costa Rica and Germany this time round the quality of food available was quite a bit higher. Good salads, simple grilled meat (without sauce) etc., made for a relatively good combination.

Unfortunately the one area that I still haven’t really found a solution to is actually tracking my intake while “on the road”. The only thing I can do, realistically, is to keep an eye on quantities, so only having one serving from a buffet instead of “going nuts” seems to work (to a point).

Alcohol, of course, probably doesn’t help. A week in Germany, for example, is basically a week of drinking lots of nice beer!



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