Aldi’s “Bag ‘n Bowl” Makes Lunchtime Fun Again

I like having salad for lunch. When I switched to a low carb diet recently I had to start watching my carbs very very carefully, so I can’t choose a roll or wrap for lunch these days. (I’m sure there are low carb options available for doing wraps, but I haven’t found them locally yet!)

If you have the time and energy you can put together your own salad bowl, but I often find that salad ingredients go off faster than I get to use them. The other thing you have to be careful with is, oddly enough, carbs. While onion and carrot might seem innocent they both carry quite a a lot of carbs, so you need to keep a close eye on your consumption.

Most supermarkets sell “salad bowls” of varying kinds, with pricing from around €1.50 up to €3 or more. Making your own might be a bit cheaper, but it’s a “toss up” (if you’ll excuse the pun).

Aldi, however, have taken a totally different approach with their “bag ‘n bowl” range.

baby kale bag from Aldi

You choose between a range of greens (baby kale, mixed leaves or rocket), choose a protein (ham, turkey, chicken or falafel) and then choose a sauce. Total cost? Just over €2 if you buy all three items. Personally I’ve tried the sauces and most of them aren’t low enough in carbs to work with a ketogenic diet. A simpler solution is just to get the leaves and the protein from Aldi and use my own homemade salad dressing or one of the pre-mixed salad dressings that you can get in so many shops.

Over the last few days I’ve tried a couple of different combinations and I’ve been very happy with the quality etc.,

For example here’s the turkey with a mixed leaf salad:

turkey salad from Aldi

Or today’s choice, which was the ham with baby kale leaves:

Shredded ham (protein) with baby kale leaves

The bag of kale leaves was only 65c, so if you get bored with the Aldi range of protein options you can easily choose your own.

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