Some Tasty Fresh Pasta And Sauce

I don’t normally shop in Dunnes Stores. I find the range of products they have on offer a bit lacking compared to SuperQuinn and the quality of their meat and vegetables leaves quite a bit to be desired.

The other evening, however, I needed to get some shopping, as I’d been travelling for a couple of weeks and there was very little in the way of fresh food at home.

While browsing the aisles in my local Dunnes I came across an interesting offer. You could get Giovanni Rana pasta sauce and fresh pasta for 3 euro. I love fresh pasta, but I don’t get it that often, as it doesn’t keep for very long.

The sauce that caught my eye was this one:

porcini funghi pasta sauce

It’s a “creamy sauce with handpicked porcini mushrooms” and it’s absolutely fantastic.

I grabbed a packet of the fresh pasta  – a nice tagliatelle:

fresh tagliatelle pastaSince it’s fresh pasta the cooking time is minimal – about 2 minutes instead of the 8 to 10 minutes you’d have with dry pasta.

The sauce pot has enough for two people, so I simply split and the pasta out over two days.

How does it weigh in calorie wise?

About 600 calories for the sauce per serving plus whatever you get in the pasta.

But it’s tasty and that’s what I wanted more than anything else.

Being on a diet of any kind can be incredibly boring, so being able to break out a small bit and actually enjoy something quite decadent from time to time helps keep me sane.


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