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Tracking Sexual Activity??

Trackers and tracking apps. If you’ve got even a passing interest in health and fitness you’ve probably seen or used some of them. Personally  I’ve used a lot of them over the past few years and currently wear an UP 360. I’ll admit I’m not as good at tracking food as I could be, but […]

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How Many Calories Are You Drinking?

When you track calories intake you probably focus primarily on food ie. solids. Sure, a lot of studies emphasise the importance of drinking water, so you might also record your water intake. But what about alcohol? Are you aware of how many calories are in that glass of wine? How about that beer? Women’s Health […]

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Guinness is good for you - period advertising

Which Drinks Are The Least Harmful?

Not all alcoholic drinks are bad for you. Sure, there probably aren’t any alcoholic drinks that are “good” for you unless you restrict your alcohol intake to something below moderation.. The old Guinness advertising is probably illegal these days .. But if you’re on a diet or simply watching your waistline (assuming you can actually […]

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Tracking food with the LiveStrong app

Livestrong MyPlate iPhone App

There are a lot of web services and mobile applications that you can use to track weight, exercise and calories. I’ve been playing around with a few and will post reviews of several in the coming weeks. One of the ones I’ve played around with is the Livestrong.com MyPlate app on the iPhone. As applications […]

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