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split pea soup

Exploring Different Flavour Soups

While I’d love to be able to make my own soup every single day it’s not going to happen just yet .. Even a “simple” soup requires preparation time and I haven’t quite got to that stage yet. So for the moment I try to keep it “interesting” by choosing as wide a variety of […]

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Heinz Tomato Soup With “Twist of Chilli”

Since I’m back eating soup for lunch again I’ve been trying out different brands and flavours. Heinz are currently offering “special edition” soups. I’m not sure what the logic behind them is, though I assume it’s some way of rationalising their rather inflated price. Fortunately they were on “special” at the weekend, so the price […]

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Kale with vegetables and chicken

Cooking Experiments With Kale

James cooked a very tasty variation on this recipe the other evening. (He added some boiled sausage .. ) So I ended up with quite a bit of kale.. Kale is incredibly healthy and packed full of nutrients. Some people call it a “super food”, but it wasn’t something that I was that familiar with […]

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