Extreme Dieting – Good Or Bad?

I work in IT.

A lot of my friends work in IT.

So statistically speaking we’re probably all leading pretty sedentary lifestyles tied to our desks.

I’m not sure about the stats on waist girth etc., but a lot of us are probably heavier than we should be (of course some people I know are incredibly fit etc., so it’s not everyone .. )

At a recent event I attended several people had obviously had drastic diets and impressive weight loss. One person, who shall remain nameless, had dropped about 30kg in about 4 months. That’s truly impressive!

But what was involved?

By the sounds of things it was pretty extreme..

Breakfast – zero (I thought that was meant to be a really bad idea?)

Mid morning – apple or orange

Lunch and dinner – 120g lean beef, chicken, veal or white fish. Serve this with either a very light salad or vegetables (no oils)

And of course alcohol is completely banned.

Trying to work out how many calories that equates to per day is hard, but I guess it’s less than 1000, or maybe I’m getting it wrong.

Is this kind of extreme dieting a good idea?

Is it sustainable?

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