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Semi-healthy Convenience Food

When I’m in the office these days I prefer to bring my own lunch rather than eat in the canteen. There’s nothing wrong with the canteen, but I like cooking in the evening, so having a large lunch would be a bad idea.. So for lunch I try to vary things as much as possible. […]

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Jason Vale

Jason Vale’s January Juice Detox

I’ve mentioned Jason Vale in the past. This coming January as in previous year’s he’s organising a January detox. However it’s slightly later in the month than in previous years. He’s also giving away over £10000 in prizes, so if you’re looking for some extra motivation he’s got you covered. This is partially due to […]

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Saving Space In The Freezer

The freezer compartment of my fridge freezer isn’t exactly “big”. Once you put a few frozen vegetables and leftover mince etc., in it you run out of space. This has been annoying me for months, as I end up not being able to freeze items that would be suitable to freeze. I don’t like going […]

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Grazing On Healthy Snacks

Eating healthily is important. If you’re going to snack between meals then it should, in theory, be something relatively healthy. Of course that’s easier to say than to do, so a service which makes that easier caught my attention. Graze offers a subscription service for people who want to snack on tasty treats that are […]

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Cuban black bean soup

Eating (Almost) Like A Vegetarian

I am not a vegetarian. I was a vegetarian briefly back in 1991 when I was sharing a house with a few vegetarians and my girlfriend at the time was vegetarian. I like meat. I love eating pretty much every type of meat imaginable, so the idea of me becoming vegetarian or vegan just wouldn’t […]

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