Tracking My Weight Over Time With Withings

withings wifi bodyscaleI’ve been using a withings weighing scales since January.

I tend to weigh myself almost every single morning, so I can really get an accurate overview of how my weight fluctuates over time.

While it’s fascinating to look at it it can also be quite disheartening.

My weight isn’t going down as quickly as I’d like and so I’m not as motivated as I was originally.

Progress helped to keep me motivated.

Lack of it is putting me off.

On the plus side the weather here has improved a lot 🙂



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2 Responses to Tracking My Weight Over Time With Withings

  1. Louie / Personal Trainer May 28, 2012 at 12:31 #

    Sorry to say it but it’s the biggest mistake anyone can make while trying to lose weight.
    In my opinion, lose the scale for a while. As you said, is puting you off and destroing your motivation but here are a few things to take in consideration:
    1. changing your diet and exercising burns body fat but you are adding body mass (muscles)
    2. body hydration makes the weight fluctuation each day… today less 200 grams, tomorrow could be 600 grams more 🙂 – it’s a pain in the rear
    3. when working hard, muscles retain more water for a few days due to expansion

    Don’t let the scale fool you. Take pictures and compare them in a month, you should also see it in clothing…

    I woould love to meet you one day for a coffee and talk about this with you, give you a few tips and advice 🙂

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