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Tracking My Weight Over Time With Withings

I’ve been using a withings weighing scales since January. I tend to weigh myself almost every single morning, so I can really get an accurate overview of how my weight fluctuates over time. While it’s fascinating to look at it it can also be quite disheartening. My weight isn’t going down as quickly as I’d […]

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Feeling Good About Yourself

Feeling Good About Yourself

One of the important things about losing weight, for me at least, is motivation and my general attitude. When I decided to do something about my weight I had to “go all in”. That doesn’t mean that I was going to do anything insane or completely radical, as I knew that wouldn’t really work. What […]

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Setting Up My Withings

I wasn’t sure if the Withings was going to be worth the outlay, but after talking to several people, both on the comments here and on Facebook and other media, I decided I’d get one. Why? Because I’ve been recommended to weigh myself every day and if I’m tracking weight loss (and getting nice graphs) […]

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