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Is Weight Watchers A Good Option?

Weight Watchers seems to be a very popular way of losing weight amongst my female friends. I’ve been looking into joining weight watchers, as I like to keep my options open, but I have a few reservations. To start with, while I may be happy to write about my battle to lose weight or to […]

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Breaking Habits

If, like me, you spend most of your working day sitting at a desk it’s all too easy to let the pounds pile on. So what can you do? While it might be a nice idea to advocate going to the gym or getting lots of exercise you need to be realistic. You can’t teach […]

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Snacking Is Bad

Image by natala007 via Flickr If you’re sitting at a desk all day you probably end up drinking lots of coffee or tea (I know I do!) So when you’re drinking your tea or coffee you may feel that overwhelming urge to indulge yourself in a snack – maybe a little biscuit or a small […]

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Tracking Your Weight

As I mentioned before, it’s not weight alone that matters, however you do need to keep track of your progress. So what do you need? The answer is pretty obvious: a bathroom weighing scales Until I went looking for one a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t realised that there were so many different types […]

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Not Eating Is Bad

If you’re trying to lose weight it’s tempting to think that not eating is a solution. It’s not. Changing what you eat, how you eat, how much you eat etc., can all be positive moves in your battle with your waistline, but starving yourself is not a good idea. Skipping a meal will only make […]

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What is Your Ideal Weight?

Everyone is different. It’s one of humanity’s strengths – we’re diverse in more ways than one! Bearing that in mind when it comes to the ideal weight then it’s obviously not as simple as some might think. If you are a broad shouldered giant you will be able to carry a lot more weight than […]

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An Apple A Day

Image by SqueakyMarmot via Flickr As you can gather I have a fondness for old sayings: An apple a day keeps the doctor away Fruit and fresh vegetables are a wonderful source of vitamins and other things that help your body. Unfortunately my Irish diet of the last couple of years probably wasn’t as rich […]

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