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There Is No Magic Solution For Weight Loss

Image via Wikipedia Dieting, weight loss and everything to do with the entire subject has been a hot topic and a massive industry for years. There are probably as many “wonderful” diet systems out there as there are days in the year and for every success story you can probably find several “failures”. The bottom […]

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Maybe My Grandmother Was Right

Image via Wikipedia One of the pearls of wisdom, if such a thing really exists, that I have managed to glean from looking into diets etc., is that eating properly helps. My grandmother always insisted on giving us three proper meals a day ie. breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course, when you’re running about the […]

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Trying To Lose Weight

I’ve started this little blog as a sideline and personal journal about losing weight (the domain name should give that one away!) I’m not 100% happy with my weight at present, or more precisely, with my waist size. I’m in my mid-thirties, so I know that if I don’t do something about it now it […]

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