English: Muesli

Apple Muesli

As part of my diet plan there are a few very simple recipes I’m expected to follow. The apple muesli that I had this morning was incredibly tasty, though taking it out of the fridge a few minutes in advance of eating it wouldn’t hurt – it was really cold on my teeth! The recipe […]

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CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 12:  Jars of peanut butt...

Eating Well But Still Hate Peanut Butter

Yesterday was the first day of the new diet. I posted yesterday about what I was meant to be eating over the course of the day and, apart from the peanut butter, I really have no complaints. However yesterday was Saturday and I was at home. There were no temptations of any kind and I […]

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Hanson Digital Scale

Weighing Portions For Your Diet

As part of my new diet regime for 2012 I’ll be trying to actually follow the recipes and instructions carefully. What that means is that I’ll need to weigh the portions properly. Up until now I’ve never had any need for an accurate scale for food. I’ve been using a general purpose kitchen scale, which […]

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Laziness and iPhones

Image via CrunchBase Over the last few months I’d pretty much given up making any concerted effort to lose weight. Why? Apathy. When recently I met up with a few people I hadn’t seen for quite some time they mentioned they were concerned about my weight, so I guess guilt may be working. So what […]

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